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一、意思是:记住某事 二、例句: 1、Collect antique horological have a key: Should go from horological two large construction appraisal of have sth in mind, namely machine core and all sorts of exteriors. 18世纪末到19世纪初,帝...

bear in mind[英][bɛə in maind][美][bɛr ɪn maɪnd] 牢记; 记住; 不恝于怀; 铭记不忘; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. But bear in mind that the average chinese income remains low. 但请记住中国人的平均收入仍然...

bear in mind = keep in mind = remember 句子相当于 Please remember to do sth. to wear...不定式短语作bear in mind的宾语 句子是祈使句。

keep sth in mind记住;记着;想着;牢记 bear in mind vi. 记住;考虑到 应该是bear,但是楼大有没有上下文啊~ 希望对你有帮助哦~

bear in mind that 英[bɛə in maind ðæt] 美[bɛr ɪn maɪnd ðæt] [释义] 记祝。。, 不忘。。。; [例句]But bear in mind that the average chinese income remains low. 但请记住中国人的平均收入...

bear in mind constantly [词典] 念念不忘; [例句]One must bear in mind constantly that freedom is essential for the beauty of goodness. 我们应该时常记得,为了达到善的美好,自由是必不可少的。


Cross My Mind - Twin Forks Girl, it's really good to see you come around. I know you've been lost, I'm glad you got found, 'Cause I've been a little lost myself. Found an old picture of you on my phone. Had a new feeling, now I...

But it is useful to bear in mind that all such changes come from the technology and not some imagined desire by parents to keep their children under ...

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